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How AI can be leveraged in healthcare

The potential of artificial intelligence seems limitless.

The potential of artificial intelligence seems limitless. It can do everything from analyzing large swaths of data to writing complex code in mere seconds. Another practical use of AI is in healthcare, where it could be used for note-taking for doctors or potentially, someday ,diagnosing patients without the physical presence of a physician. Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Former Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce joins Yahoo Finance Senior Reporter Anjalee Khemlani to discuss how AI can be used within healthcare to help patients and the medical community, and discuss the pitfalls of misuse of AI in healthcare.

Dr. Nayyar explains the current status of AI in healthcare: "AI is not ready to be left alone. We still need that human oversight, whether we are talking about prior auth[orization] or we are talking about documentation. So, we are just not there yet because we are still learning. But secondly we have to remember the healthcare industry is single-handedly keeping the fax machine we have to balance what's possible, and the art of what is possible, with the reality."


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